Multimodalities, Stitcheries, Circuitries

Some updates!

I just had the best time with the Multimodal Working Group completing our grant for the Center for Literary and Comparative Studies, whose annual theme was “Subjects and Objects.” Our workshop, “Multimodal Pedagogy: Critical Approaches to Storytelling with Technology,” allowed us to experiment with some hands-on classroom activities and assignments like paper circuitry, infographics, editing soundscapes, and annotated slideshows. Building off our work with English professor Dr. Mary Helen Washington’s upper-level Film and Literature of the Civil Rights Movements, we explored complex narratives of social (in)justice in calling attention to the framing of images, sound clips, and social media data. It has truly been a pleasure collaborating with my friends and colleagues, and I know the past two years with the working group will only enrich our individual scholarship as we go off to finish our dissertations.

Meanwhile, I’ve been playing more with cross-stitch embroidery! I’ve been perfecting techniques for dispersing the localized illumination from LEDs, and I found that a great way to do this is through eyelets. (I’m sure someone else has thought of this but it still felt like a great discovery!)

Practice makes…more practice! I had to redo the eyelets on my actual project because they were a little wonky. Luckily the Aida cloth holds up well and is pretty forgiving in terms of undoing mistakes.

Also working more on “The Beginning, Parts I and II.” Here’s some of Part I.

Documenting craft practice is hard, especially when your hands are occupied as in embroidery!

Part I is an embroidered calendar of March 2009, with moon phases (I think I’m going to redo these little moons).

I presented this work at the annual DC Queer Studies Symposium, whose theme this year was Queer Speculations. I’ll be posting my paper, “Queerly Crafted Worlds: Speculative Feminist Materialism,” soon!

And in other news, finishing up a draft for submission to Hyperrhiz on a kit for queer craft, and boy is it kicking my ass in the best way! Learning to document the process is a whole new challenge.

Keep crafting!


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